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"Andy Warhol's FactoryPeople"

Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.



Piñata...A Short Subject Film by Diana Colson   26:00

A Mexican boy falls in love with a fabulous paper-maché ‘piñata’ hanging for sale in the town marketplace. Convinced that its acquisition will bring him happiness, he works hard at assorted odd jobs to collect the money needed for its purchase.

Pesos in hand, he heads back to town, just in time to see his piñata being purchased by the maid of a wealthy family. He follows her to a mansion, where he watches children at a party break open the piñata, scattering its cache of candies, toys and trinkets.

After the festivities, the broken empty piñata is discarded on the street. The young boy retrieves it and then purchase more trinkets and sweets from the local shopkeepers.

Once home, he carefully rebuilds his precious ‘Pinata’. Good as new, it now glows with a strange beauty. The following day, high on a country hilltop under a tree, the boy invites his friends to come and marvel at the wonderous piñata.

Watch the film here:

PIÑATA_Colson from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.

One by one the children attempt and fail to break open the pinata, until it becomes time for the boy to give it a try.  One, two, three…he swings and misses twice. On his final stroke the wondrous piñata explodes in a golden shower of gifts and sweets.

‘Piñata’ is a lovely, heartfelt tale for everyone who wants to believe in magic.

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