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Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.


Burroughs for Library Distribution

'On the Road Naked…Inside the Mind of William S. Burroughs'

52 Minutes Produced by LesFilmsDuVillage in association with Planet Group Entertainment 

Director Jean Francois Vallee takes us on a ride, deep inside the mind on William S. Burroughs. Vallee knew Burroughs quite well for many years and this film is considered to be a true tribute to the inner workings of Burrough's thought process.

A junkie does not want to get warm; he wants to get ‘cool-cooler-cold, but he wants the cold like he wants his junk. Not outside where it does him no good but inside so it can sit around his spine like a frozen hydraulic jack. ‘Naked Lunch’ is a blueprint, a ‘how-to’ book...” W.S.B.

.…As were all the rest of the writings of William S.Burroughs. According to him there were“no more junkies at 103rd and Broadway waiting for their connection. The connection has gone somewhere else.” After the accidental shooting death of his wife and subsequent lurid headlines, he, too, went ‘somewhere else’ to escape his torment, to find his next connection, only to realize he had taken his nightmares with him.

Burroughs and Keoruac

‘...Inside the Mind of William S. Burroughs’ takes us on a terrifying, hallucinogenic ride: For us, a mesmerizing horror movie, for Borroughs, his reality. Subliminal nightmarish messages repulse yet fascinate. We cannot take our eyes away from the Hieronymus Bosch interior of this tortured, convoluted mind.

Burroughs_mp4H264 from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.


Morrocco days with the Beats....

Have we ‘Burroughed’ into the brain of a junkie or a genius? Or both? To answer this question is to go ‘on the road’ with this quixotic, fascinating, unfathomable man. From the beginning. To visit, through the archive footage that followed him, each ‘Port of Call’: New York, San Francisco, Texas, New Orleans, Mexico, South America, Morocco, Tangiers, Paris, London....and home again to Lawrence, Kansas.

Reading the words....

To see these special places from the world of William S. Burroughs, (recalled in his own words from the books he wrote at each destination), and to see the subliminal messages in his well-publicized lectures and interviews, is to see the birth of the Age of Surrealism, the Jazz Age, the Beat Generation, the Age of Aquarius of the Sixties, and its failure in the Seventies, the excesses of the Eighties and Nineties, and the coming back to Ground Zero in the new millennium. 2014 is the cetenary of Burrough's birth. Read the Guardian article here.

Predictive, Prescient, Futuristic....

From his beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri (“afraid to be alone and afraid of the dark and afraid to go to sleep because of dreams where a supernatural horror always seemed on the point of taking shape. I was afraid someday the dream would still be there”) to his death in a cabin in Lawrence, Kansas at the age of 83, the dream was, indeed, still there.

Burroughs Literary Executor James Grauerholz sits in front of the last home of William S. Burroughs, next to the recently re-named, 'Burroughs Creek'.

Interviews in the Film include: James Grauerholz, Literary Executor of the Burroughs Estate; Paul Bowles, Author of The Sheltering Sky; Barney Rosset, Founder of Grove Press and The Evergreen Review; Poet John Sinclair; Burroughs Biographer and Pulitizer Prize winner, Ted Morgan; Dick Seaver, Editor Translator and Publisher; and American Experimental Performance Artist Laurie Anderson.

William Seward Burroughs was not exactly ‘celebrating’ escape when he said of love that “Thinking is not enough. Only one thing can resolve conflict. Pure love. The love I feel for my cats.” Except for those cats, he lived alone and worked alone, fighting his enduring obsession with fear, death and decay. This documentary teems with life itself, mad, bizarre and otherworldly, but life nonetheless.

The release of this film has been approved by the Estate of William S. Burroughs. License includes rights for classroom screenings and closed campus streaming.

 ‘On the Road Naked...Inside the Mind of William S. Burroughs’  Purchase Price $250

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