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"Andy Warhol's FactoryPeople"

Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.


The Factory People Interview Archive for Library Distribution


The Factory People Interview Archive is a 12DVD set of 24+ hours of raw, unedited, uncensored interview material filmed for the Three-Part Series: "Andy Warhol’s Factory People"*, collected with interviewees in New York, Paris, London and Los Angeles from 2006-2009. The material presents an oral-visual recollection by the subjects of the times they passed with Warhol in the Silver Factory Era, from its inception in 1964 to its final demise in 1968 with the Valerie Solanis shooting of Warhol, and its aftermath.

Here's a short film explaining the details and introducing the Factory People we interviewed...

A few comments from the Academic Community:

“It would be amazing to teach this as a study in artistic ecology.  Andy couldn't have done what he did without his amazing circle, and the circle makes sense only in the light of his special form of patronage.”-Christopher P. Schiff, Scholar and Performance Artist, Music & Arts Librarian, Bates College

"I’m confident that the “Andy Warhol’s Factory People Interview Archive” will find an enthusiastic and critical audience here at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It is important to expose our undergraduates to the historical relevance of the Factory." -Darin Murphy, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

*If you are not familiar with the Three Part Series: "Andy Warhol's Factory People" please click here for details.

Catherine O'Sullivan Shorr interviews Jonas Mekas in NYC

A Note from the Producers:

A “traditional” documentary series might shoot 6x1 to generate enough material to cover. With Factory People, we shot 15x1 because, the more we got into it, the more we realized that we had created an opportunity to archive oral histories that could not be collected in any other way. These oral histories left us with enough material to create a six hour series. There was no commercial value to that much material for television. So we made the three hour series knowing full well that there was additional material that would not fit, and controversial material that would, perhaps, compromise the relationships that we developed with the subjects interviewed. That said, all of the material in the archive is of great importance. It cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. As those subjects age and pass on (as some have), it makes the material that much more valuable. We loved doing this film. It became a passion. There is huge “scholarship” value to be mined from the Factory People Interview Archive!

Patrick Nagle Interviews Victor Bockris in the Chelsea Hotel, NYC

The Interview Archive is presented on twelve (12) individual DVDs. In addition, each DVD in the collection contains BONUS materials as indicated. All materials are licensed for classroom screening and university system streaming. Go to the end of this scroll for ordering instructions.

Patrick Nagle wraps the four-hour interview with Billy Name.



#1 The Billy Name Interview   01:48:56


#2 The Gerard Malanga Interview  01:05:40  Gerard Malanga Poetry Reading  00:15:13  The Danny Fields Interview  00:17:01


#3 Billy Name Hotel Interview  01:09:39  Billy “Photo Movie” 00:24:11


#4 The Victor Bockris Interview  01:01:12  The Vincent Fremont Interview  00:44:25  “Andy, Superartist”  00:20:21


#5 The Ultra Violet Interview  00:45:43  The Bibbe Hansen Interview  00:49:30  The Ivy Nicholson Interview  00:23:25


#6 The Mary Woronov Interview  01:29:40  The Geraldine Smith Interview  00:29:56


#7 The Taylor Mead Interview 00:30:34  The Taylor Mead Show  00:25:26


#8 The Louis Waldon Interview  01:29:38  “Andy Makes a Movie”  00:22:19


#9 The Alan Midgette Interview  01:20:30  The David Croland Interview  00:39:37


#10 The Nat Finkelstein Interview  01:01:09  The Lee Black Childers  Interview  00:51:29


#11 The Robert Heide Interview  01:57:39


#12 The Jonas Mekas Interview  00:57:18  The Jonas Mekas Archive  00:10:11  The Anton Perich Interview  00:39:58  “Max’s Kansas City”  00:09:36

Each DVD is click-authored for quick referencing. Although the material is uncut, it is edited with appropriate titles and related photos.

Bonus additions include: A digital photo library of 100+ photos from the Billy Name photo archive, related film clips (B roll materials), The “Factory People” original music library, and One hour of original music created for the Series.  

Details on the Interviewees:

Warhol Biographer, Victor Bokris.

Silver Factory Creator and live-in photographer/gate keeper, Billy Name.

Poet and original Warhol Silver Factory assistant, Gerard Malanga.

Independent Filmmaker/Archivist and Warhol supporter, Jonas Mekas.

Serendipity Founder and early Warhol pal, Stephen Bruce.

Warhol SuperStar Drag Scene Photographer, Leee Black Childers.

Warhol Photographer, Nat Finklestein

Warhol SuperStars: UltraViolet, Taylor Mead, Mary Woronov, Bibbe Hansen, Geraldine Smith, Louis Walden, Allen Midgette and David Croland.

Playright, Robert Heide

SuperStar Edie Sedgewick’s Pal and Sixties Music Scene Impresario, Danny Fields.

Warhol Foundation Executive,  Vincent Fremont

“ Everyone was a peer, everyone played with everyone else and money was never considered a barrier, since nobody really had any, and the subsequent “marketizing” of the art world after the POP explosion” was yet to come.”
-Billy Name Interview

Producer Nagle and Writer-Director Shorr in NYC.

This material, a true oral history, is a priceless archive covering the entire Silver Factory Era when Andy did his greatest work, producing art and films, promoting the Velvet Underground, writing his “memoirs”, and powerfully impacting America’s  hip, late 20th century society. He could not have done it without The Factory People.

Purchase The Factory People Interview Archive (12 DVD Set)  $1,250.00

Academic rights INCLUDE the DVD with PPR and DSL. Use of third-party streaming services is OK. Academic licensees can also ask for a custom quote for single screenings. 

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