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Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.


'I, Tarzan' for Library Distribution

‘I...Tarzan, The True Story of Edgar Rice Burroughs’

A Film by François Christophe   60 Minutes  Presented by Films du Village in association with Planet Group Entertainment

The Tarzan Stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs have thrilled generations of readers, movie goers and TV watchers. Enter with us now into the mythical world of Tarzan, the hero and his magical-fantasy Africa. And learn that yes, perhaps, there was a Tarzan!

'I,Tarzan' The True Story (Trailer)2 from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.


Before there was Tarzan, there was REJECTION. Like all great writers, ERB kept plugging away and Tarzan became a reality. But wait, maybe he was a reality all along! 


In our film, the gates of Greystoke, the imaginary Estate of John Clayton (better known as Tarzan of the Apes) open wide to reveal a fascinating tale...the imaginary yet True Story of Tarzan, the near-mythological hero of a magical Africa that existed only in the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Inside, we tour the halls of a great Estate, and meet a unique group of enthusiasts including George T. McWorter, whose life’s passion has been to chronicle all things Tarzan. Author Philip Jose Farmer tells us that yes indeed, there might have been a REAL Tarzan, a mystical young man he interviewed briefly some years ago. The story is magical.

The NEW Tarzan Feature Film is releasing July 1st, 2016! Go HERE for the New York Times Review

Pop Culture expert Francis Lacassin and author Philip José Farmer recount the theories surrounding the works of Burroughs and his near prescient ability to foretell the world’s future through his many tales of the man raised by apes. Lacassin illustrates the links that Burroughs created between past, present and future worlds to give Tarzan a never-ending life.

George T. McWhorter, the quirky curator of the world's largest Tarzan Memorabilia Collection located at the University of Louisville leads us through mountains of materials....comic strips, radio plays, movies and action TV Series created over the last one-hundred years to see how Tarzan evolved from the pages of Burroughs’ original stories. How did Tarzan get his name? Why was it difficult to have a mate? How did he work to preserve Africa? What did civilization do to him when he came back to the ‘World of the White Man’? How did Burroughs feel about Hollywood’s rendition of the great character? Learn how the first Tarzan talkie grossed over One Million Dollars…seen and enjoyed by the entire world in 1931!


These and many other fascinating questions are answered via the filmic format created by documentray filmmaker François Christophe, who uses the set-piece of a ‘Great African Warrior-turned-Host’ to carry the action from segment to segment.

‘I...Tarzan’ makes creative use of archives, graphics, silent films, early talkies and more recent cinema, keeping the Legend of Tarzan alive and well.

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