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Merchants of Venice

Venice, a city of 54,500 residents, receives about 30 million visitors a year. Many are grab-and-go day-trippers from the mega-cruise ships that dock in the Lagoon. In addition, it’s estimated that the total number of guest quarters in Venice’s historic center could reach 50,000 and take it over entirely.

This explosion of tourist activity has forced many of the traditional shopkeepers and artisans out as retail spaces become unaffordable.

Here's a FULL Screener of the film:

MerchantsOfVenice_Original from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.

In addition, each year, some 1,000 residents abandon the city for the mainland, also exiled due to unaffordable rents or the lack of refuge from tourism. “If the population falls below 40,000, Venice will not be a viable, living city any longer,” warned Jonathan Keates, chairman of the organization "Venice in Peril."

Our film “Merchants of Venice” takes us into the lives and livelihoods a traditional bookseller, a leatherworker, and a souvenier seller. The irony is that the tourist trade has destroyed their business and way of life. 

The concerns of the inhabitants used to be focused on the rising seas that threaten to city…but it looks as if tourists will be there first to sink the city.

Please Note Language: ITALIAN with FRENCH subtitles (some English Expressions)

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