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Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.


The After Oil Era

The energy world as we know it is slowly dying, and a new one is about to be born.

Even if we all know oil is a non-renewable energy, we still don’t really believe it. Nor do we act as if the end is near.  

We close our eyes to this reality so there is no serious effort to find a solution.

Many think that our continued technological innovations could save us in the future. Nevertheless, sooner or later, we will certainly not live as we do now.

Colin Campbell (Ireland), founder of an association studying the state of oil resources, Nate Hagens (USA) studies economy and environment at Vermont University, Bruce Robinson (Australia) is an economist. Edward Schreyer (Canada) is an expert in hydroelectric technology, Pierre Radanne (France) is former head of ADAME. Hervé Hempf (France) is author of several books dealing with political ecology. These experts present our film’s subjects. All are from different circles, and they offer us realities about our future energy world.

Screen the entire film here:

TheAfterOilEra_Master from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.

The After Oil Era DVD $250


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