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"Andy Warhol's FactoryPeople"

Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.


Streaming and Downloading via Vimeo Versions Test

We are testing the idea of using the VIMEO streaming and downloading system for college and university purchases world-wide. (We use VIMEO to share films for review with our television buyers)

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. NOTE, when you click the link you will get a full page that offers you a trailer and more details plus ordering-direct links to a VIMEO MPEG4 1080p version of the film. Some of the pages include free features for your users to watch. After you purchase you can set the link in your system, and we'll send you graphics, etc. direct. (NOTE: These versions represent a few of our top selling films for colleges and universities.)

Andy Warhol's Factory People 100 Minute Feature Documentary Streaming Versions with Downloads


How Andy Made a Movie Streaming Versions with Downloads


How Andy Discovered Lou Reed, The Velvet Undergrond and Nico Streaming Versions with Downloads

How Andy Discovered Edie and Created The Superstars Streaming Versions with Downloads

Ali Farka Toure...The Blues Man from Timbuktu


Frida Kahlo...Between Passion and Pain