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Three hour series includes excerpts from over fifty hours of original interviews, hundreds of never before seen photos, exotic film clips, and a lot of very cool stuff . . . all backed by a mind-blowing original soundtrack.


Surf Challenge: The Killer Waves of the Nazare Canyon

Nazare, Portugal...home of the world's biggest, most dangerous waves.

This is a new project currently in pre-production and slated for Spring 2013 release in association with extreme surfing professional Garrett McNamara, and Ronan Nagle, co-executive producer of Discovery Channel's 'StormChasers'.


Surf Challenge: The Killer Waves of the Nazare Canyon (DemoClipBigWaveTeams) from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.


Just off the coast of Portugal, stretching 250 miles west into the Atlantic Ocean, there is a deep undersea trough that’s deeper, longer, and wider than America’s Grand Canyon.  At one end, far out to sea, the mouth of the canyon is wide. At the other end near to the coast, the canyon is narrow just near the seaside Portuguese village of Nazare. Waters passing through this natural funnel, are amplified and pressurized, creating waves of skyscraper proportions. This eons-old, natural phenomenon was recently discovered by American wave hunter, Garrett McNamara, one of the world’s top professional tow-in big wave surfers.

Waves are forced in by a deep-water canyon...passing through a funnel.

Tow-In surfer Garrett McNamara riding a 90-footer through the Nazare.

Garrett makes the Guinness Book of World Records

Last year, Garrett rode a monster (perhaps the tallest wave ever ridden) out of the Nazare. This October, 2012, he’s back for MORE with his tow-in team and teams from around the world to compete in the ‘North Canyon Challenge’, perhaps the world’s most dangerous extreme surfing event. Teams from France, Spain, England, Ireland, Asia and South America will be along for the ‘ride’, in an attempt successfully challenge the Killer Waves of the Nazare Canyon.

Garrett McNamara

The Producers are preparing to create a six-episode series based on the Nazare. The Series will follow McNamara, the big wave teams, their training, and life experiences as they descend on Nazare for the month long exercise. The fishing village of Nazare is the background. Picturesque and quaint, the natives don’t exactly know what to make of these adventurers, but they extend warm welcomes and share their age old tales and stories of the big wave.

Big Wave riding is a way of life.

Through the course of the series we’ll learn about the life of a big wave rider. There are times when the swells don’t fulfill their promise, and times when surfers make the wrong decisions and question their partners.  And there are moments when the true passion, the true drive that separates these guys from the rest becomes clear—when we see a lone rider feel at home mocking down the slope of a hundred foot wall of water.

Senic Nazare, Portugal...old traditions mix with the new.

Hours of exquisite HD footage have been shot over the past two years covering activities on the Canyon and add color for the new material to be shot taking advantage of the latest innovation in cinema coverage to make the show a breathtaking experience to watch. We’ll see the latest in wave prediction technology and the intricate web of communication and intelligence that surfers rely on to make critical decisions on where to go and when. We’ll test how each surfer physically reacts to varying situations whether it be paddle surfing big waves, training underwater, or practicing yoga, and compare these experiences to what happens when a wipeout occurs, or an epic wave is ridden.


McNamara and the Teams are seasoned professionals, some mature, some ‘rough riders out for a thrill’. With engaging personalities and joke-a-minute attitudes, these pros know how to have fun, and how to meet a major challenge. Fear of the wave is evident, but fear can be just part of the experience. These guys really know how to share feelings, chip at each other and get through the Canyon in one piece.

The Series is a backstage pass granting access into the lives of amazing individuals: their hobbies, their passions, and their daily regimens


‘Surf Challenge: The Killer Waves of the Nazare Canyon’ is not your run-of-the-mill, one-shot, surfing spectacular, but a true extreme reality series that covers all the bases, and yes, that means there will be the unexpected. The cameras will be looking out for that.

The Big Wave Teams include 7 elite surfers pairing up into four teams:

Garrett McNamara & Keali’i Mamala, Hawaiians

Greg Long & Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Californian and South African

Carlos Burle & Maya Gabiera, Brazilians

Jamie Sterling, Hawaiian and a local surfer

Nagle, 'Chasing A Different Kind of Storm"....

Stormchaser Ronan Nagle and the TIV from sarasotafringefilms on Vimeo.

The Producing Team for the Series is led by Ronan P. Nagle, Executive Producer of Discovery Channel’s hit series: ‘Storm Chasers’. This seasoned extreme-series producer has spent the past decade chasing, riding out, documenting, and sharing his teams’ killer tornado experiences. The camera people are all experienced extreme-sports documentarians…engaged, passionate, and dedicated to provide exciting coverage. Sophisticated in-the-water filming and recording techniques will be utilized to offer the viewer an amazing experience. Production plans call for an October-November shoot in Nazare.


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