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Jens Nygaard...Life on Jupiter

Jens Nygaard…conducting The Jupiter Symphony Orchestra

''So many people in the New York musical establishment have told me:  “You'll never make it in New York, you idealistic hillbilly.”  Now that I have made it, none of them knows quite how to deal with me.''  

Life on Jupiter is the story of Jens Nygaard, the Quixotic  conductor of New York’s Jupiter Symphony.

Maverick and gifted musical prodigy Jens Nygaard overcame mental illness, homelessness, and cancer to flourish as the founder and conductor of one of America’s most unique musical bodies, New York City’s Jupiter Symphony Orchestra.

This brilliant, Emmy-Award winning film (64 minutes) features extensive interviews with the eccentric Nygaard, unflinchingly discussing his lonely farm-boy childhood, his career, his personal battles with mental illness and bone marrow cancer.  Jupiter Symphony concert footage is skillfully blended with clips of Nygaard as he encourages, inspires and cajoles his musicians (the chosen training ground for a number of notables).  Comments from music critics Martin Bookspan and Harold C. Schonberg attest to Nygaard’s talent and versatility as musician, composer and conductor.

“I know of no other conductor who can so consistently convey such joy with so much style.” -Bernard Holland, The New York Times

“Mr. Nygaard has a keen instinct for making his concerts entertaining and enlightening." -Donal Henahan, The New York Times

Though he was to spend much of his life fighting an indifferent musical establishment, Jens Nygaard nonetheless built a devoted audience for his brand of ‘outsider’ artistry, and this exceptional film has won him even more fans.

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