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Harlem Black Hope for Library Distribution

A Look Inside the American Dream and Its Affect on One Multi-Cultural Neighborhood

A Film by Philippe Couture 52 Minutes  Produced in association with Planet Group Entertainment

Harlem 2008: International filmmaker Philippe Couture imbeds himself in a Harlem neighborhood for the month leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election. Taking a room in an inexpensive transient hotel, he walks the neighborhood making friends with street people, the folks in the local barber shop, and the local bodega. He meets and befriends a cross section of Harlem in his favorite new bar and at the local Baptist church. He wants to capture the feelings of the people as they anticipate voting in the election. The people are open to talking with Philippe and sharing their thoughts and wishes. Yes there are black Republicans and white Democrats in Harlem, and Philippe talks with them...


Harlem is no longer the tough black enclave it once was. Now it’s an area of gentrification black and white. Moving about on the streets is easy, meeting the locals is easy. What’s uneasy is what he is hearing. The “Black Hope” of Harlem will indeed happen on the first Tuesday in November, but the thoughts and aspirations that it generates are fantasized, perhaps unreal.

This 52 minute film puts the viewer face to face with the dreams and realities of a community that feels its time has come. The people of Harlem are prideful, sure of themselves and their future of attaining the American Dream.  The irony of course is that the “Hope” has been dashed for all America as those at the bottom continue to dream and those at the top continue upward.  What has changed? This film is more relevant than ever.


‘Harlem Black Hope’  Purchase Price: $250.00

Includes classroom screening and on-campus and distance streaming rights.

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