It"s all very" Warholian"
Friday, December 14, 2007 at 11:50AM
Patrick Nagle
FactoryFunWeb.jpgWhen we started this production, we spent a week filming early interviews in New York City. Then we flew back to Paris to do transcripts and start the base edit. To do the transcripts, we had the studio make a set of vhs time coded video tapes. We started the transcript process and ordered all of the filmed material transferred to the editing hard drives. One of the PA's took the master tapes over to the editor doing the transfers in his studio. On her way to the studio, a kid on a skateboard came up behind her and grabbed her bag from her shoulder. The police gave chase but to no avail. The original masters were lost to posterity, and we had to re-shoot 25 hours of interviews! Very Warholian! When we went back to New York to pick up and start over, we had a very clear idea of what we were after and what we had missed the first time around. In the end we had about 50 hours of interviews to work with. A batch of content twice as rich and three times as cool! "Dig deep to find gold!"
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