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Ezidis of Iraq...The Soul in Peril


The Ezidis are one of mankind’s earliest monotheistic societies. They have endured centuries of religious persecution as “Devil Worshipers”. It is their belief that God’s ‘holy music’ was the essence of man’s soul to enter Adam’s body.

Their religion is linked to the ancient Mesopotamian religions and it combines aspects of Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. There are no records of their existence before the 12th century. They were not allowed to read and write until the last century.

Here is a brief trailer:

There are well over a half million Ezidis living today in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. And there is perhaps a diaspora of another half million throughout the world.  

In 2014 an ongoing genocide by ISIS in Sinjar Province forced 50,000 Ezidis to flee into the nearby mountainous region. They believe that this was the 74th such attack to befall them.

They are now opening up to the outside world. This is their story. The film takes us to the heart of the Ezidis during the great annual pilgrimage, revealing their ancient vibrant rituals and customs…a rare tribute to the tolerant, pacifist, yet persecuted, people who are the Ezidis.

They should heal from the wounds of the 2014 ISIS genocide, but what of globalization?  

Film Running Time: 72 Minutes

The Ezidis of Iraq DVD $250 Rights include classroom screenings and closed campus streaming.

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